Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wasn’t That A Party!

We all got together in the Common Room at eight or nine. The room was pretty much divided into the “Old” and “Young” groups with the dividing line being about 60 but with Norma and I crossing over to the “Young” group! As usual, there was way too much food but it was a lot of fun. Nothing to compare with last year at San Miguel de Allende but then, you can never go back home! Next year will be another Mexican New Years. We will be there to stare 2012 and “The End Of The World” in the face!

At the stroke of midnight last night, the “Old” group started heading for bed and the rest of us started looking for the next venue. The women wanted Juan’s Dancing Lessons but my outside stereo has a CD jammed in it and is not working so we settled for the next best thing. There is a nice fire ring in the park and Frank from Ontario had some firewood stashed away in his 5th wheel so the party moved to the fire pit.

We all died at about 1:30 and headed home. We called Brooks as it was only 11:30 in BC and wished him and the granddaughters Happy New Year. They had just come home from skiing on Mount Washington and Linda could not make it to midnight and had gone to bed early. It was nice talking to the girls as we do not see them near often enough. The main downfall of this type of travelling lifestyle we are leading is that we miss our family. It is a big tradeoff.

Anyway, it is now morning! Norma is still in bed and does not want to be “bothered” and Chris and Juan are heading to the beach for a walk. I am Blogging and watching the American Pickers Marathon on StarChoice. Life is good!

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