Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rain and Thunder

We are getting rain and thunder all day today. My to-do list is short: take a shower. Norma is watching curling and Golden Globes all day as long as the satellite does not suffer rain fade and crap out. There is local cable here in the park but there is no schedule so you do not know what is coming on. It is an exercise in frustration, by the time you find a program you want to watch it is ten minutes into it. It is great to have Starchoice!

Back from shower! Spotlessly clean, endless hot water and 60’s – 70’s music playing! Paradise! And then I walked out into the rain…. Oh well, life could be a lot worse!

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch:

Brooks and Linda have the floor installed on their second floor! This is great because now the concrete can be poured for the main floor. They could not do this when they wanted because it was mud and evidently mud and concrete do not mix well. The holdup now is getting the power lines removed from over the building. They cannot complete the walls and roof until this is done as the wires are hanging too low overhead. They have a mast and conduit in place to take the lines to the main house and are waiting until Wednesday when the power company can come to do the transfer. Once that is done the walls and roof will not take long and the workshop can be made functional. It is important for them to have this workshop so they can build fence panels at home and then deliver them to the jobsite. This is far more efficient as they live an hour’s drive from the job. It is also a lot drier and warmer for them to work. They can build custom panels on rainy days and install them when it quits.

The floor:


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