Sunday, January 9, 2011

Storm Warning!

We are hunkered down here in Galveston. There is a National Weather Service gale warning and flood warning in effect for the Galveston coast. We had thunder and lightening all night with a torrential downpour starting at about 4:00 AM. The motorhome was rocking badly all night and the folks in a tent trailer next to us had to leave the trailer and sleep in their van. It is really rough! My ground mount Starchoice dish mount did not get blown over but it did skid a couple of feet across the parking lot!  There is a 17 foot seawall in town and they are warning the seawater could cross it!

It gets worse in the direction we are going with parts of Interstate 20 closed due to ice. There is snow predicted for Dallas, TX and northern Louisiana. Even with the wind and rain here the temperature is still a lot warmer than Lafayette, LA where we are headed next so we just may stay here until things improve. It is all day by day planing. Stay tuned!

The problem I am having is I want it to be 80 and sunshine! That is why we should be back in Mexico!


  1. just about 2 hours NW of you and is light rain and 43F here... so it should be fine for your area...

  2. Problem is, I want 80 degrees and sunshine!

  3. I can't believe it, cold front moving in here for the next four days. Winds are picking up down here but not that bad. Keep warm and dry. We will be watching.

  4. Maybe it is too hot here for you? It's reached 90° mid day the last couple days but it does cool off to the 70's at night :) Wish you were here too.

  5. Mexico is starting to look better than heading into the desert. What is up with this crappy weather down south?

    We leave from White Rock, BC tomorrow.....and we're sure hoping to get into some hotter climes within a few days.

    Hunker down and batten down the hatches!

  6. 90 f-ing degrees in Merida! Wow
    (of course I meant Fahrenheit)
    Croft, make a u-turn and pedal to the metal down there, I'm warming up just thinking about it.

    shivering in SoCal

  7. Hey guys;I told you to stay here in the RGV....Still hot, hasn't changed since you left :)
    BUT! I think tomorrow we are going to get a rude awakening.:(