Friday, January 21, 2011

Tobasco Plant

Today we took a drive to Avery Island, the location of the only Tobasco Sauce plant in the USA. This plant produces 700,000 bottles of Tobasco sauce each day! They used to grow all their own peppers but demand has now far outgrown supply so they still grow peppers but export the seeds to other countries where the peppers are now grown. The peppers are crushed, mixed with salt and stored in used Jack Daniels whiskey barrels where they ferment for three years. It is then mixed with vinegar, stirred and bottled.

There is a store on site where they sell all six flavors of the sauce as well as shirts and trinkets. It was a very interesting day and they got $120 from me in the shop! Brooks and Linda - gifts coming... Here is the plant:

Map picture

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