Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Have Not Been Blogging

Sorry, I have not been Blogging lately. We are sitting here in the cold and hardly venturing outside except for groceries and the odd meal out. We are trying to wait out the weather so we can continue on to LA and FL. It hit 34 again last night, barely above freezing. It is 41 right now at 2:00 PM. Burrr.....

Today Norma wants a hair cut and we have to pick up some groceries. After that we will have a late lunch / early dinner down on the seawall.


  1. Weird weather again this year. We're going up to plus ten in the next week.

  2. Why did you take down the pics you had up??

  3. My wife thought I might get sued

  4. Croft, New Orleans will be great spot for you and your wife to visit. My daughter attended Tulane and stayed there with job in hotel industry. We visit often.
    I hope you might look into the KOA on the west side. We stayed there last year and they run a shuttle into the city a few times a day. There is also a bus that runs past every half hour. A taxi would cost $25 but if you take the Saint Charles street car to its turnaround on South Carrollton Ave. You would be at the intersection of Claiborne ave which is River road as you drive west to koa.
    The place near 1-10 will be safe... it's just that the immediate neighborhood is not. Traveling by foot from the quarter to this location is ill advised.
    River road is easy shot if you happen to use your own vehicle.
    We leave next weekend for Yucatan minus the motorhome... anxious to get back.

  5. Yep... dang cold. We are in Waco and my water line in RV almost froze... got down to 19 ... last night 38 but today only 45. I am wondering why I came south for the winter. I guess this too shall pass.

  6. 16 and sunny in Napa. You can tell I'm the only Canuck in the area though, as I'm not wearing winter boots, a jacket or a scarf to ward off the cold.

  7. I think it was around 26 C. here in Guaymas today PLUS of course lol.
    Stay warm.
    No one shooting here either.