Friday, January 14, 2011

Home and Here

My regular Shoutbox commenter Ghislain tells me it was 10 degrees C in Victoria yesterday. Here in Galveston it was 11 C. A long way to come for one degree warmer. My friend Wandering Willy is in the Rio Grande Valley and had been bragging about the warm weather there until last night when it dropped to 1 C. Chris in Monterrey, MX is facing the same 1 C. To get any warmth at all you have to go far south into Mexico where Jonna and Mimi are enjoying 30 C in Merida and Les is basking in the sun in San Miguel de Allende. Mi amigo John Calypso just sent this: "21C (70F) lows to 30C (85 F) highs here in Puerto Escondido amigo - come on down!" Before you ask, no one is shooting at any of them either.

Brooks and Linda were finally back to their "real" job on Victoria's Cook Street where they have the fencing contract for a large condo development.The project has been delayed by weather so they are sitting on several thousands of dollars worth of cedar that they cannot get up and billed out. They were able to get in a few days but are now caught up to the builders and are on hold again. I like it when they have "real" work because it means a payment to the Bank of Dad is usually forthcoming. The time off allows them to work on their own project; a carriage house and workshop on their new property in Shawnigan Lake. The sooner they can get this done the better so the suite can be rented out. They are both excellent craftsmen. If anyone on Lower Vancouver Island needs a quality fence or deck let me know. They will fit you in and the Bank of Dad will appreciate it.

The “real” job:
The carriage house / workshop:
jan 2011 022


The carriage house in the snow:
jan 2011 024


  1. 21C (70F) lows to 30C (85 F) highs here in Puerto Escondido amigo - come on down!

  2. How nice that the 'bank of dad' can be so well appreciated. I see great rewards now and in the future.

    We have two children who are really doing well....with help from the bank of dad. They are solid citizens who are doing good things out there.

    FYI: We have now arrived in Lodi, Ca. The temperature this evening is about 52 degrees. Last night in |Red Bluff, the temperatures were 60+. Perhaps central/north California is where we should hang out, based on your cold temperature reporting.