Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You May Be A Cajun If....

Cajuns have a great sense of humor (even though they take their history, food, and culture very seriously). Below is a list of sayings by Cajuns' poking fun at themselves.

You know you're Cajun if...

Everyone you know has inadvertently killed an armadillo or nutria rat with their vehicle.

The crawfish and crab shells left over from "crawfish and crab boils" have killed your grass.

There are five seasons in the year: crawfish festival, crab festival, shrimp festival, rice festival, and king cake festival.

Your favorite perfume is that of a crawfish or shrimp boil.

You believe that a fried shrimp po-boy "dressed" is as healthy as a vegetarian sandwich, as it has some lettuce and a slice of tomato.

You give directions to your house by telling people to pass the yellow farmhouse, go uptown, backtown, up the bayou, down the bayou, or on the opposite side of the levee'.

You wash your hands with a sliced onion to remove the shellfish odor.

You're in your teens before you realize that Mardi Gras is not a national holiday, or become aware of what a county is.

You feel that the quality of a po-boy sandwich depends on how many napkins you use while eating it.

You know that "dressed" means that you want lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles on your po-boy, as in "shrimp po-boy, dressed."

Your last name (to non-cajuns') is pronounced differently from the way it is spelled. Such as Prevost (pronounced PREvo).

Anyplace outside of Louisiana has disappointing food.

You start cooking your rice when you make your coffee in the morning, even though you don't have any idea what you're serving for dinner.

You think you're eating a healthy meal when you have a baked potato with your fried seafood platter, and a salad (which means potato or macaroni salad).

You hold on to your newspapers instead of putting them in the recycle bin as you know you will need them for your shellfish boils.

Grandma is "Maw Maw" and Grandpa is "Paw Paw."

You think actors in every movie set in New Orleans and Cajun Country have horribly phony accents.

While you are enjoying breakfast, you are discussing what you will have for lunch and dinner. When your kids ask why you are planning the next two meals of the day when you are still eating the first, you don't understand the question.

You think there are two types of coffee: Community and Cafe du Monde.

You probably live in the same town as your first and second cousins, and know the names of your third and fourth cousins (and are probably related to them).

Weddings and other celebrations are planned around hunting season, the LSU football season, and local festivals.

You have been able to list all the ingredients of gumbo since you were five, when you probably cooked, or at least helped cook, one for dinner.

You have an "ice box," "make your groceries," and "save your dishes."

And you would fight anyone who says they can cook as good as your mama.

While you'll gladly spend an hour making roux, you are perfectly comfortable using "Tony Chachere's" seasoning instead of adding your own herbs and spices.

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