Monday, January 3, 2011

Winter Texans!

Here we are basking in the late evening sunshine in Galveston! This was the night before Chris and Juan were leaving so Nathalie and Percy invited us over for Happy Hour. The several hour Happy Hour was followed by a dip in the hot tub and then several more hours in Frank and Kelly’s where we attempted (unsuccessfully) to empty their liquor supply.

The guys had a problem leaving however when their trailer brakes would not work. The found a repair place and after several hours waiting for parts, they are back here in the park and will try to leave again tomorrow. When Kelly saw them pull back into the park tonight, she said, “I’m not allowed to play with you guys any more”! Chris just stopped by to see if we wanted to go to the hot tub and I had the (uncommon) good sense to say “No”. I have to give my kidneys a rest for a couple of days!

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