Friday, January 7, 2011

One More Day

We have decided to stay in Galveston one more day. We got up at 8:00 ready to head out but it is such a beautiful day we decided to spend one more day. We have not even walked on the beach here yet and our next few stops will be inland. Breaux Bridge, LA,  just east of Lafayette the next stop. Poche’s Fish ‘N Camp is the RV park there which is near a classic Louisiana roadhouse with Bob Dylan’s autograph on the wall.

We have not decided how we will visit New Orleans yet. We may move to an RV park close to town and then take a cab in or we might just get a hotel for one night so we can visit Bourbon Street at night. The hotel choice would probably be just as cheap and a whole lit more fun. Adventure is just around the corner!

Our friends Chris and Juan had a time getting home! They had to have a new trailer plug socket installed here in Galveston and the repair shop made a mistake in the wiring that ruined their alternator by the time they got to Brownsville. They ended up having to leave the trailer in the USA while they drove home to Monterrey. There they will get the wiring redone by the guy who did it in the first place and then drive back for the trailer. The duty to import the trailer into Mexico is 22% and for some strange reason they insist the trailer be imported empty. No food, dishes, clothes or linens. Viva Mexico!

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  1. Apparently there is an RV Park within walking distance of the French Quarter that some folks we met earlier in the winter stayed in and thought was OK. They recommended taking a cab back to it at night though.

  2. Thanks JB. I have been looking for hotel rooms and it looks like the reasonably priced ones are not that nice. I will have a look for RV parks close by as that seems to be the only alternative to paying $200 a night for a decent room.

  3. When we visited New Orleans,we stayed at Bayou Segnette State Park. For you guys, it would be an easy drive into New Orleans from there. I think it's $18 a night for full hookups, including wifi.

    Careful though, I would suggest that New Orleans is a lot more dangerous than!