Friday, January 28, 2011

French Quarter RV Resort

We showed up at the French Quarter RV Resort (putting the word "Resort" in allows them to charge more) at about 2:00 on Thursday only to find they had no room at the resort! They suggested we could park across from their driveway with no hookups for $49 per night! Their regular rate is $70. We really had no choice as the next nearest RV park is a ways away so we parked beside a large bus and walked downtown.

We got back at about 9:00 to find the bus with it's generator running. No problem, we have to run ours as well to make coffee and run the microwave. At 10:00 it was still running and setting off our CO alarm. We gritted our teeth and lived with it thinking they would shut it off at any time. At 11:00 and after many, many alarm resets we knocked on their door.

A 30's male opened the door and listened to our request that they turn the generator off. He said they were a band and had to keep their instruments turned on and said they could not even flush the toilet without power, so no, they would not turn it off. The bus was full of teenagers with white painted faces and legs, a real freak show. He said they would be leaving in a little while so as there was nowhere else to go and no room to move away from them, we waited it out, resetting the alarm every fifteen or twenty minutes and running all our exhaust fans on full.

Finally at about 2:00 AM they pulled out and by 3:00 we got to sleep. This morning we went to the office and found they had a space for us in the park. We told our tale and said we wanted a credit for the night from hell and she said she would have to talk to the manager. We are still waiting for an answer.

And now... we are off to find dinner.


  1. Croft
    Geez... a Walmart parking lot would have been better! :^)
    Bill in NE

  2. Geez,....and I was annoyed at the Class 'A' neighbour next to us who insists on slamming the door at 5:30 am. You are owed a credit for enduring the night fright rockers and their fumes.

  3. Read very carefully and look very carefully at all your payment receipts from FQRV. We were told they take Passport America but did not tell us it is only good for one night. Surprise when we saw credit card charges.