Sunday, January 29, 2012


We have so far managed to avoid caravans. This one we knew was coming because I have been following the Blog of one of the members. I have dubbed it the “Bad Luck Caravan” because they have had a couple of problems. First they were held up by banditos soon after crossing into Mexico from Texas. The leader had to pay $2000 pesos or lose his car. The rest got through. Second, one of their rigs was rear ended along the way, possibly because of the extremely slow speeds they travel at.

The most recent problem was when Carol Ann, the wife of the Blog writer above was involved in a collision at a glorieta near the RV park here. It was a short drive yesterday and they had decided that she would follow rather than hook the car up to their motorhome. She was involved in a collision when a Mexican driver enforced his right of way. Their car is no longer towable and has to be repaired here in Merida. It will be ready in a week and Robert will get a ride back from Paa Mul or Chetumal to retrieve it.

They arrived after noon and soon a sightseeing bus arrived to take them on a “tour of Merida”. They got home and soon a car pool was being arranged to take everyone to a local restaurant for dinner. We got to have a chat with Robert and Carol Ann from Texas and another couple from Canada, the only Canadians on the caravan. They all went to bed early as they were up and getting ready to leave at about 7:00 this morning. I have said this before but this kind of travel is not for us! It is way too expensive and way too hurried.

Robert was not all that impressed with Mexico. He spent his work life as a pharmacist and was used to everything being exact, precise and planned with no surprises. There was little room for “winging it” in his world and he was going through the attitude adjustment required to adapt to life in Mexico. I advised them to return when they could visit on their own schedule and spend a week or two in every location to stop and smell the bougainvilleas. I hope they do, their nice new 40’ diesel pusher and tow car have a few battle scars so another trip through Mexico will not hurt it any more.

DSC_5585 DSC_5586

The Green Angel escort.  I had a quick chat with these guys as they were leaving. I wished them luck with their charges and congratulated them on their patience. They told me this was a dream assignment for them. They got wages and expenses paid to tour Mexico, something they would never be able to do on their own. One of them spoke excellent English.



  1. I am more and more convinced that I will love Mexico. I hope you guys go there for the winter of 2014-2015 so I can follow you. :)

  2. Just read a couple blog posts from your Caravan pal from Texas. Had to stop... he complains too much.