Monday, January 16, 2012


Yesterday Tobey and Sue commented that they were catching up to us. Today they pulled into the RV park! They are a young retired couple from Colorado on their first venture into Mexico. They joined us at the pool and then came over for “Happy Hour” before heading into town on their scooter. It was great meeting them and I am sure our paths will cross again.

We may spend another day here as we have not heard from Whit and Jan and Jonna is still getting over her bout of Dengue Fever. It is much nicer here than in the RV park in Merida where we share a 20 amp breaker with two other spaces.

And, for fear of forgetting, Happy Martin Luther King Day! I will never forget my visit to his Martin Luther King’s Center for Human Rights in Memphis. It was very moving!

While we remember MLK today, let’s also remember the reason for his execution. Dr. King was opposed to the Vietnam War and had the backing and support to force the USA to withdraw from Vietnam. He was planning a massive demonstration in Washington to force them to do just that. This was unacceptable to the war profiteering establishment and they had to stop him. MLK was also planning a run for President Of the United States and there was a better than good chance he would have succeeded. This was the second strike against him and as a result, Doctor King was in many crosshairs that day and he was not leaving Memphis alive.


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  1. Whit and Jan are on their way...we had a ball snorkeling in Xcalak an extra day. Kathe