Friday, January 27, 2012

Circus Act

There was a circus in town last weekend and on Monday a new neighbor moved in. It was a young couple in a  newish pickup pulling an oldish 5th wheel trailer. It had Mexico plates and on the door of the truck was the emblem from the Portugal Circus.

Yesterday morning they were outside struggling with the awning which had been left down during the rain and windstorm. They were both quite short in stature and obviously having trouble so we went over to help. They spoke no English except "thank you" but it was obvious what they needed. We finally got the awning rolled up (the spring was very weak) and stowed. They were happy!

He is a trapeze artist with the circus and they looked to be doing pretty well. Norma says he has the body of a figure skater so she had pretty much guessed what he did. Their truck was almost new and the 5th wheel is older but neat and nicely furnished. They had a Mexican satellite system and a flat screen TV. They are from Sonora and their next stop is Playa del Carmen next weekend. A very nice couple.

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