Monday, January 23, 2012

Starchoice Improvement

I had been unable to get the Starchoice working here in Merida. We struggled for a couple of hours without success and finally gave up.

The night before last Jonna and Mimi were over for happy hour and Mimi happens to be a local expert on Starchoice. She moved the dish and fine tuned the angles and very soon we had a great signal! It is great to have smart friends!

I was correct in my thinking that the skew angles I had been given by the Dishpointer site were wrong and this was preventing me from getting the HD channels as well as a couple of the SD channels. With the skew reset at 134 degrees all channels are booming in.


  1. Hello Croft:

    You may want to download a program from that also calculates look angle, here is the link:

    You have to put your sat information into the program. It would be interesting to try both programs and see if there is a difference in the results. If you need the SC sat info, let me know.

    Al (almcc)

  2. wooohooo one for the ladies...glad you have your dish working...

  3. Thanks Al. Please give me the SC info to enter in the field. I cannot find your email address. Mine is: croft.randle (at)

  4. Finally! Success with the Shaw satellite dish....and the reception of HD. We use the same system here in California and Arizona...with no problems. Glad you have a better reception now....and choice galore too!

  5. Pretty hard to be shown how by a girl!! I know you would have handled it well.....Brian G.

  6. I will take help wherever I can get it Brian! And I did handle it well..

  7. I have been meaning to get back to you but between being hijacked and MOm getting home I have been poco loco.

    Colin says to tell you that the most important thing is the skew setting, second is having the post totally vertical by using a level all around the circumference to make sure it is all totally vertical..the third thing is the tilt of the dish and last is the direction.

    If all of the first 3 are correct you only need to change the direction a bit and you will have TV.

    We have always been able to get TV within a few moments.

    This website is invaluable in giving all the info you will need anywhere in Mexico, the US or Canada.

  8. Thanks Contessa. The biggest problem I had was the wrong skew setting and the link you gave me solves that problem. I will have to work on a solider mount for next year, something a little easier to level than my current PVC ground mount.