Monday, January 9, 2012

Internet Problems!

My internet is driving me nuts! It stays connected for only a minute or two before dropping off. This lets me read an email but drops off before I can respond.

Tioga George was having similar problems and when he went into the Telcel office, was told the Banda Ancha service had been having problems. It appears to be all over Mexico right now and when things like this go wrong down here there is not the same urgency to fix it that you find in the USA and Canada. Maybe it will be fixed soon or maybe it won’t be. No problema!

At least I can compose my posts in Windows Live Writer, go on line and quickly post them. Photos are a problem as the system will not stay up long enough to finish sending a photo.


  1. Same problem here amigo - been going on more than a week - grrrrr.

  2. Well it's not "all over" Mexico, because ours worked perfectly all around Lake Patzcuaro for the past week.

    However, when we were in Tepic last month, it was very inconsistent.

    For the price you pay at Freedom Shores, they don't supply you with wi-fi?

  3. And in addition to Patzcuaro, mine worked OK in SMA and on the way down to Patzcuaro. But then it seems things com and go. I also was able to get it working with my Cradlepoint wi-fi router.

  4. My Cradlepoint makes things worse.

    Freedom Shores has wifi but only at the office.

  5. Sorry about your internet problems, but still enjoy reading about your travels. As you know, we will be hitting a lot of the same places and "fore-warned is "fore-armed" (or something like that).