Sunday, January 29, 2012


We took a drive out to the nearby seaside (Gulf of Mexico) town of Progreso for an early dinner. It is 25 KM each way on a nice road that goes right past our RV park. It was a nice diversion. They have done a lot of improvements to the malecon since we were there last. They have narrowed the road, removing parking and widened the sidewalk. A few new restaurants have opened. We had a nice dinner of pescado Veracruzana (me) and breaded fried fish (Norma), with a plate of guacamole to share. It was nice. We sat inside as it was a little cool on the water.

The malecon. You can see the 6.5 KM (4 mile) long pier where cruise ships dock. The pier is closed to sightseers. Only commercial vehicles, taxis and buses allowed.


As has become my normal practice, I snap a photo of the street signs where I park the car. That way, no matter where we wander, we can always find the car. In a pinch, I can show the photo to a taxi driver and be returned. One more anxiety gone! Even numbered streets run one way and odd numbered run the other. A great system.



  1. The 'snapping a photo when you park' is one of our favourite tricks as well. Done it at airports (the long term parking in Schiphol is ENORMOUS) and especially in countries where English is perhaps not the first language understood.
    It's soooo much easier with a digital camera.
    Can't believe that the first time I came to Europe I had nothing but Traveller's Cheques (well, along with a sharper memory I suppose).
    I think you have to be over 50 to even know what those are!

  2. Never thought of it, what a great idea! Thanks for sharing. Hi Norma!

  3. Smile.... thanks for the great idea of taking a picture of where you park... I get lost in a grocery store parking lot :) So now I'll park near a sign and take a picture

  4. good idea thank for sharing...Hey Bob I know what travellers checks are :)...I could get lost in a phone booth..(do they have any of those anymore?)...coming out of a store I usually have to set off my car alarm to find it...Rick always remembers where we parked..(and i'm the youngster in this relationship) I'll just take pictures :) have a super week