Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rainy Days and Sundays

I awoke in the middle of the night to an almost forgotten pitter – patter of rain on the roof. It only lasted a couple of minutes but then started up again near dawn for another few minutes. As we were thinking about getting up, it started again. There was not enough to dampen the ground but the windshields are spotted with water marks.

It will be a lazy day today. Norma has a couple of cleaning projects she wants to do and then there is some awards show that she wants to watch tonight. Myself, I will do nothing except walking over to the clubhouse to send this Blog.

Yesterday we drove downtown to do a little shopping and then came home. We both had showers in the beautiful shower rooms and Norma had a sauna. For me it is a little too warm for saunas but she perseveres. Today I am going to try out the infinity pool, rain or not. Even though there is a little rain, it is still 75F.

A Swiss couple pulled in the night before last and we talked to them for a moment yesterday but they pulled out to get some muffler repairs around noon. They said they would be back in time for happy hour but never showed up and are still missing this morning. Their Swiss motorhome has a flexible exhaust pipe and this is what he needed replaced. I am pretty sure he would have trouble finding one in Mexico. I can envision them parked overnight in front of a muffler shop while parts are brought in from Mexico City. Hopefully they will be back by happy hour this afternoon.


  1. We seem to be following you and should catch up on Monday. Looking forward to meeting you then,

    Tobey & Sue

  2. a great Sunday for sure..hope the Swiss couple are ok and show up soon...