Sunday, January 1, 2012

So, How Was 2011?

For me it was not the best, not the worst... We have certainly seen better. We lost Roger Stanyer, an old friend and Norma's boss at Forest Renewal to that damn cancer on December 29. A real solid guy and always fun to be around! Gone way too soon! I had a health scare of my own last summer which, although it turned out to be a false alarm, got me thinking about my own mortality. Not a subject I want to dwell on.

Financially we took a medium size hit on the investment side of about $11K thanks to a "correction" in the price of gold. Not a big deal as profits or losses here stay in the fund. We do not use it or need it for everyday living as our various pensions take care of that very nicely. Quicken however, includes it as income so it makes a difference in our bottom line. More of a mental than a financial crisis. I made a paper profit of over $30K in the same portfolio in 2010 and much prefer that.

We did not get around to doing all we wanted to do to the house but that was a good thing considering we probably would have had to take some of the aforementioned cash out of our investments to pay for it and I hate selling dollar bills for 90 cents. It will wait another year. We never left Campbell River all summer and should correct that this year.

All in all it was a year I am happy to see disappear into the trash can of history along with the torn off calendar pages. 2012 will be better provided the world does not end. But who believes that stuff anyway?

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  1. But who believes that stuff anyway?

    I dunno, but all the books that have been written about it will be on sale really, really cheap in January 2013!