Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We Are In Merida!

We made it to the Yucatan! It was an easy three hours or so today and we made it to the RV park in Merida. We parked close to Whit and Jan because that is where the shade was. They were not home but soon appeared with Jonna and Mimi. We had hugs all around and then relaxed with a refreshment or two.

Whit brought over a bottle of his newly collected Mescal for me to try and it was wonderful! A subtle smoke flavour not unlike some fine single malts. We shall explore his collection a little deeper in the next couple of days.

Jonna is still not up to par and Mimi pulled her away from the party to go to her latest doctor’s appointment. There are two forms of Denague Fever, the bad kind and the really bad kind. It turns out she only had the bad kind! She will recover!

It is going to be a busy couple of days.

Oh yes, my Banda Ancha works well here and is on the faster UMTS system. However, when I turned the computer on when we arrived a really strong, unsecured WIFI signal appeared. I logged onto it and it worked great. I told Jan about it and she said it was not there when she checked in. I just checked again and it is gone now.


  1. Glad you are there and having fun. Be sure to send our hellos to Mimi and Jonna. Hi Norma!

  2. Testing quality Mescal - tough life! Glad you are there to deal with it. Have fun

  3. So now we know you have both Internet and if we don't hear form you we will know why!!!

  4. You made it! A long way from home - a sturdy traveler you are.

    We have some great Mescal over here in Oaxaca....