Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One More Day

We decided to stay one more day on Isla Aguada. Yesterday the guys from the kitchen came over to wash the motorhome and today I think they are coming back to wax it. It has not had a "real" wax job for over a year and it is starting to show it. I have three bottles of wax, two from the USA and one from Mexico. I will get them to put at least two coats on the front cap and the back which seems to get the most exposure to grit and grime.

We awoke to the smell of waffles from the kitchen so we went over for breakfast. The waffles were huge and delicious. It was good they only brought me one instead of the two I ordered. Thelma was in there as usual and it is always great to talk to her. She was telling us about a European man who arrived at the park with a real estate agent. He told her he wanted to buy the place and for her to name her price. She insisted it was not for sale but he did not want to give up. She finally convinced him. She was telling us the park was the only thing keeping her going after Bill died and she is not yet ready to quite work.

Today is cloudy and very humid. Very tropical! We are moving on to Campeche tomorrow for four or five days and then on to Merida to meet up with Whit and Jan who are on their way north from Chetumal. Whit has mescal to sample. I need say no more.

My Banda Ancha is still having problems working from here. It is very slow and drops out at the most inopportune times. It is very frustrating to compose an email and then to be unable to save or send it. Life is tough.


  1. I thought you had a Hawking dish...?

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