Monday, January 16, 2012

Waiting for Merida

We are spending at least one more night here at Campeche. Our American friends Whit and Jan are heading for Merida and we want to meet up with them but we have not heard from them in a few days. We would rather wait here in Campeche where there is 30 amp power, a pool and great showers. The alternative is the RV park in Merida with poor sewer lines and very poor electricity. No creature comforts there!

We have also not heard from our friends Jonna and Mimi in Merida for a while. The last we heard from Jonna, she was under the weather and we want her to be in good shape when we are there.

So here we sit. Tap, tap…. Is this thing on?

WOW! I went to pay for another night and the price has gone up! We paid $250 pesos for each of the first three nights and today it is $350. There was a sign on the wall and everything! I argued but did not win. Oh well, the average cost is still pretty reasonable.

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  1. SHEESH! Gotta get those Mexican RV owners to smarten up and provide reasonably good services.