Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lost Day

Wednesday night was supposed to be our last night at Isla Aguada. After getting things ready to leave in the morning we went over to the restaurant for dinner. Another couple staying in the RV park walked over at the same time so we all sat together. They are from France and have been RV’ing in Mexico for two winters now. They are going around Mexico in the opposite direction than us. Luckily their English is much better than our French but on a few occasions we had to fall back on Spanish. It was a fun meal and after we ate we invited them back for a nightcap. Well, that was the beginning of the end!

I poured some wine and then we got into the single malt. Andre went over to his motorhome for a bottle of Ricard, a licorice flavored liqueur from France that turns cloudy with water added and really tasted good to me. Too good! It was well after midnight when we finally went to bed and when I woke up Thursday morning, I was not all that anxious to face the open road. Norma walked over to pay Thelma for one more night. We spent most of the day laying around watching recorded TV programs.

One great subject came up! They have a house in the south of France and asked if we would consider trading houses and a car for a month or so in the summer! I know this goes on but have never given it much thought but they have done it a couple of times and it has worked out well for them.

That reminds me, we have not had StarChoice here on the Isla. The RV park has a canopy of trees that prevents any chance of getting a shot at the satellite. When we were here two years ago I set the dish up on the beach outside the chain link fence where there is a pretty good view to the west. It worked last year but was a pain because the cable went across the sidewalk where someone could trip and the beach is very public with kids playing. The dish would be vulnerable or people could get hurt so we just did not bother. We had several hours of recorded programs so that sufficed.

Anyway, we spent our lost day watching TV and snacking. By Friday morning I felt much better! Here are the two who got us in so much trouble:

DSC_5465villa aguada, chez Norma & croft

Here is Thelma:

isla aguada,au retaurant


  1. Ricard is really good in orange juice. This as actually the first drink/cocktail I was introduced to. Haven't had in years, though.

  2. How easily you are lead astray my friend!