Thursday, January 26, 2012


The clouds were forming off to the west and soon they took on a menacing look. I checked the weather on the internet and saw there was a 60% chance of thunderstorms. We gathered up everything that could get wet outside and closed the windows. Very soon it really hit us! The rain started and then got really heavy. Thunder and lightening was happening right over us. We lost the satellite signal because of the heavy rain and then the wind hit with a vengeance!

The motorhome rocked and rolled and I looked out the window to see the Starchoice dish had blown off the cement pad it was on and was upside down about six feet from where it had started. Thankfully it did not appear to be broken!

When things settled down we set the dish back up and pointed it in the general direction Mimi had set it when she helped me set it up. There was no signal but that was not unexpected. I swung it around a little and saw the bar gauge on the TV jump. This was a good thing and I soon had a bit of a signal. I raised the back of the mount and there it was! I jammed a stick under the back of the mount and we had an excellent signal. I did not even have to call Mimi for help this time, although I know she would have come. Just in case of more wind I found some construction blocks and put them on the mount, something I should have done before.

We decided to spend a couple more days here as the weather is going to be very wet in Cancun but much better here. We will take a drive out to the beach at Progresso tomorrow for lunch and a look-see. Life is Good. We are in Mexico!


  1. You're on the wrong side of Mexico! It never rains in Puerto Escondido in the winter.

  2. Sounds like a wild time in the RV!! Glad the dish survived.

  3. Yikes! Glad you recovered the dish and were able to get things hooked back up. It has rained a bit here on the X-beaches - didn't start until about 6 tonight. No leaks detected. Hang in there and drive safely.

  4. Hi Croft:
    You left your construction blocks behind here in the Las Jaibas RV park in Mazatlan. I guess you needed them!