Tuesday, January 17, 2012

High Definition Debacle

I may have discovered the problem I have been having with not getting the HD channels on our StarChoice. The website I have been using to help me aim the dish was recommending “Skew” settings that are totally different from the reference document I have used in previous years. For instance, here in Campeche I set the skew at 115 degrees. When I compared this with the old document, I found the old document recommends 134 degrees!

The skew setting ensures the dish is able to receive data from both satellites. Having the skew this far off may mean I am only “seeing” one satellite and all the HD channels are on the other one! I am not going to temp fate by trying to rotate the dish today but when I set it up in Merida tomorrow I will use the readings from the second document.


Here are a couple of shots of the RV Park here at Club Nautico where it is currently 81F at 10:30 AM. Another pool day.



  1. I am so glad we don't watch TV. Sounds like people spend more time getting their satellite dishes set up than they do watching the TV!

    Having said that, I could not do without my internet, so each to his own!


  2. I am interested to figure out whether that is your problem or not. Might answer a question or two about my lack of HD.

  3. Does Shaw/Starchoice have an automatic dish? I hate all that setting up. We use Bell when in Canada and Dish when in the US. Both are compatible with the Winegard Carryout.

    Mike and Dee

  4. Jim (also retired TWU)January 18, 2012 at 6:00 PM

    I am enjoying your blog Croft and the pictures are so nice. I flew to Puerto Vallarta (my first Mexican trip)last February and sure want to go back. The Mexican people were so hospitable and kind. I marvel at your sense of adventure in your rv and it looks like paradise. The weather in Vancouver is snowy and cold at -6C and Campbell River is -7C. Have a safe and wonderful vacation......I am very envious! Jim C

  5. Welcome to Merida....we are SO VERY jealous!

  6. There's a nifty app for your iPhone or Android that will help you point your dish. It's called Dish Pointer and it's available at www-dot-dishpointer-dot-com.