Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Plans Are Made To Be Changed!

We have been emailing our American friends Whit and Jan who are now in Chetumal, but will be leaving before we get there. This would be sad because it would leave a lot of Whit’s tequila and mescal un-sampled! Therefore we have decided to reverse our “normal” counter clockwise tour of the Yucatan and to do it in the opposite direction this year. This will put us in Merida around January 18, the same time as Whit and Jan. Jonna and Mimi, get ready!


  1. As long as you are able to plan and execute them that is all the matters.

  2. I will be watching out for you and that cold beer. My Discovery is blue and gray. But you should have no trouble recognizing our 18 RV caravan!

  3. RV plans are always set in 'jello' so they can be changed easily..enjoy