Thursday, January 28, 2010

Caravan Woes

RV caravans seem to be the bane of my existence down here. When we went to pay for an additional night yesterday we were told there was no problem with staying but we would have to move as a caravan had booked all the waterfront sites. We could not complain too much as we had only booked the site for a week and that was over. We moved over to the fence and set up the Star Choice again.

As it turns out this caravan is the same one we had the problem with last year in Isla de Aguada when they forced the owner to kick us out of our prime site. The leader, a French Canadian woman with a bad attitude, threatened to take back her deposit and move on if he did not clear all the waterfront sites for her and her twenty RVs. The owner made us and two others an offer we could not refuse involving free nights and free meals in the restaurant.

Anyway, talking to a couple of members of this latest caravan only reinforces my opinion of them. Most of the people do not know where they are going and have very little idea of where they have been but are simply engaged in a boring game of “Follow the Leader”. They have paid thousands of dollars for an 85 days “tour” of Mexico. All they get for their money is overnight parking which may be in a playground with no hook-ups just as easily as in a regular RV park. They have no say in the schedule and simply shut up and follow the rig in front, usually at ridiculously slow speeds. I bet the Mexican truckers and bus drivers just love to get behind twenty RVs moving along at thirty KM under the speed limit! Oops, there is something going on. I have to leave!

Well there was just another incident! The caravan parked yesterday before they dumped. Today they evidently drew numbers to determine the order in which they would move to the dump site to dump. Another RV from Texas (Turtle-Toad from was waiting to leave so he just drove over to the dump. This started a great argument between him and the caravan member who considered it to be his turn to dump. He was reminded that they were not the the only people in the park and as they were not leaving today there was no rush. There was a lot of arm waving and loud voices so I went over to see if Mike needed reinforcements but he had the caravan guy backed down by then. Don’t mess with Texas!

This all reminds me of the time I talked to another caravan member in Merida last year. I asked him what he thought of Mexico so far and he said, “All I have seen of Mexico is the back end of #6. I am #7”. I asked another member what highway they had come down on and he had no idea, he just follows the guy in front and listens to the walkie talkie. This is “seeing” Mexico? No thanks.


  1. I'll bet this is the same bitch we ran into at a free beach campground in Ixtapa 3 years ago.
    Mind you it is FREE. The caravan rolls in and crowds into wherever they could fit, then they tried to take my friends spot who just took his RV to town to fix his generator.
    She said he is not here and she has RESERVATIONS for the free campground. I laughed at her and told them to back out of that site or elese, after much complaining they finally moved. They were so tightly packed that they couldn't even open their slideouts.

  2. Sounds like her! Your description fits anyway!

  3. Caravans are the bane of our existence at Bonanza. The owner says that we actually lose money when caravans come through and she doesn't mind losing their business. Caravans bullies everywhere.