Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Trailer Park Las Americas

This is the RV park here in Cholula, a suburb of the State Capital of Puebla. We are the only paying guest in here right now. The rate is $230 pesos a night.


Common Room – there is free WIFI in here:

common room

However, I can pick up the WIFI with my hawking dish from our site:


Here is my windproof StarChoice dish. There is no wind, but you never know:



  1. On your recommendation we bought a Hawking Dish and used it on our recent 3 week trip, and were sooo grateful we had it. It has made connecting to WiFi so much easier, and we don't have to leave the coach!

  2. I am glad to hear it is working out for you. Mine has been able to pick up a signal in every RV park except one or two so far!

  3. I see you are back to the tripod for Starchoice. I am using a variation of your plastic pipe version and it works fine but really needs to be a little more rigid. (Of course, I am using very cheap central vac tubing). Any suggestions on tripods for the 75cm dish?

  4. The ground mount tripod came apart last winter (faulty gluing) and I never got around to repair/replace it. This arrangement works fine but does need the added weight of the building block and rock. This tripod is a Winegard I bought at an RV dealer.