Saturday, January 23, 2010

Costa Maya

Today we took a drive with our friends PJ and Claudia to the Costa Maya, the outer side of Chetumal Bay. The Costa Maya consists of two villages, Majahual is the location of the cruise ship dock and the other, Xcalac, is a laid back little fishing village. Majahual is trying to be like Cosumal and insists on USA dollars and merchants refuse to bargain down to a fair price. Their target consumer is from the cruise ships who think $85 USA is a good deal for a mediocre hammock. For them, maybe it is. For me, $500 pesos is as high as I will pay and they would not come down to my price. PJ got a shock when he was charged $1 USA to use the toilet. The normal charge is two or three pesos (18 – 27 cents).

Majahual received the full hit from Hurricane Dean in 2007. The hurricane made landfall and parked itself right over the tiny village and stayed for 72 hours. The village with it's population of 200 was completely destroyed but fortunately, without a single loss of life!

A little further down the coast in Xcalac we ran into Whit, our friend from California. He was parked on the beach across from a restaurant that allows free parking as long as you buy the odd meal from them. It is a beautiful spot. Whit’s wife, Jan, was helping Kathe (our friend who lives in Chetumal) at a spading / neutering clinic in town. This is a wonderful, humane program that has greatly cut down on the number of stray dogs and cats in Mexico. Because of a sudden panic attack and an urge to protect my testicles, we did not get to see Kathe and Jan but we will before we leave, as long as they promise to leave their elastic bands or whatever at home.



Sun, sea, sand, shade and Corona!


Croft with his feet in the Caribbean!

croft in carib

Claudia & PJ:

claudia PJ

The last two photos are compliments of Claudia & PJ, Dutch Duo Wildlife Photography

Map picture


  1. Didn't eat at Leaky Palapa?

    Did you see anyone camped at Maya Village by the bridge or any place north of the bridge?

    Last two sites just filled at Xpu-Ha, not sure how long they are staying.

  2. The Leaky Palapa was our first choice but did not open until dinner. We did not see anyone parked at Maya Village, everyone was at the free parking at the restaurant.

    Thanks for the tip about Xpu-Ha. We are staying here one more day so we might check it out on the way past, otherwise it will be boondocking one noght and then Cancun. Thanks