Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year’s Eve

Another party in the RV park and another potluck dinner! PJ and Claudia found an old rusted out washtub in the parks’ junk area which we carried over to an empty area between James and Barbara’s and our RV’s. There was also lots of scrap wood laying around over there so we soon had the makings of a fire pit. We got it going with a generous dollop of diesel from PJ and after putting out a small grass fire we had the perfect centerpiece for the festivities.


As usual, everyone outdid themselves in the potluck department and there was, as usual, too much food. Norma made a large pot of seafood jambalaya that got put aside for a late lunch on New Year’s Day. It is always better the next day so I am looking forward to that. Here is part of the spread and Juan saying, “Where do I start?”

IMG_1176 IMG_1197

Claudia and PJ put on a demonstration of Mexican Cha Cha and that got Juan up to join them and soon everyone was dancing. Here is Chris, Norma, PJ, Claudia and Juan “getting down”, and that is Claudia and Juan doing their thing. Besides his many other talents, Juan is also a professional dancer and has the scars on his knees to prove it. He is seldom sitting down once the music starts. I suspect he is a little sore today.

DSC_9743 DSC_9727

Les arrived a little late because he went to the bullfights. He asked me several days ago if I wanted to join him but I have no interest in it and declined. Les went through several days struggling with his moral dilemma and finally decided to go. He was not very impressed and says he will never go to another. I am happy I declined as it would have ruined New Years for me. As it was, I had a great time! I decided to take the lead from Chris and Juan and drink straight vodka on ice instead of my usual blend of beer, wine and scotch and today I feel much better for it. In fact, I have no headache at all!

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  1. PJ and linedancing, you got to be kidding me!! He hates linedancing...
    We really enjoyed the party, thanks guys!
    love the Dutchies