Saturday, January 16, 2010

On The Road Again

We left Puebla at ten and found the Cuota highway out of town. As we entered the Estada deVeracruz we started passing roadside coffee sales as Verecruz is one of the main coffee growing areas of Mexico. We stopped at one and bought a kilo of local coffee for $100 pesos or $9 CAN. It smells good but we have yet to try it.

At around four we pulled into a Pemex with an all night restaurant and a Red Cup Coffee shop and asked if we could park overnight. As it is everywhere in Mexico it was “No problema”!

Norma immediately made friends with a group of boys who were trying to make a few pesos washing windshields in the parking lot. They spent a good half hour teaching her to count in Spanish and were soon joined by Brenda, the sister of two of the boys. They were very nice kids, dirty from the dusty parking lot but with perfect manners and recently worked on teeth. They are all now proud owners of pens emblazoned with the Canadian flag.

We might walk over to the restaurant for dinner and to see if they have WIFI (they did not). Here is Norma with her “Gang”.


And with Brenda:



  1. Fantastic keepsake picture of Norma and the kids?

  2. Oops! That last comments wasn't supposed to have a question mark.