Friday, January 29, 2010

The New(est) Plan

Last night as we were eating at our new favorite restaurant (that Kathe recommended last year) when we saw two women reading the menu at the door and looking unsure. Norma went out to tell them the fish tacos were excellent and they came in. We chatted and discovered they were from BC and one was a friend of Roger and Connie, our friends from Duncan. One of the women and Roger grew up together in Caycuse, a logging camp on Vancouver Island! It is indeed a small world.

We have been watching the Yucatan weather on the Internet and it is the same cloudy conditions and threatening thunderstorms all the way up the coast! We are comfortable here in Chetumal and there are still things to see. Norma went over and paid for another four nights to get us past the weekend and then we will make a run for Cancun. From there we will take the passenger ferry to Isla Mujeres and spend a couple of nights in a hotel.

So this is The New Plan. Subject to change but that is the best thing about it. We are not on a schedule! Life is good!

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  1. We love Isla Mujeres. It is usually our first stop when we fly in, to decompress for a few days before going to Merida and Playa.

    There is a good RV park in Merida, if you are going to head that way. The ruins at Uxmal are wonderful and Merida is a wonderful big city

    Zina is a blogger there "Living la vida floja"

    Have a drink at Miguel's Moonlite bar

    Have a great time