Saturday, January 16, 2010


We made it again! There is a “No Trailers Through Town” rule in Villahermosa. That means if you are towing a trailer you must take the Perifericio or, the loop road around the city. The problem in Villahermosa is that the Perifericio is always under construction and in terrible shape! It is single lane gravel part of the way and ends up a little short of joining back onto the highway. It is not fun.

The common practice has been to ignore the rule and drive right through town on the cuota highway, hoping the traficos do not notice and that we make it through town unchallenged.

This is what we did again today. I gritted my teeth and blew past the “No Trailers” sign. No Federalies! No Traficos! We made it! I am a Mexican outlaw! Life is good!


  1. Funny post! "I'm a Mexican Outlaw" sounds like a bad country song. :)

    Is Villahermosa well named (ie. a beuatiful city)?

  2. It is indeed a beautiful city! It has a fantastic museum featuring the Olmec culture. The Olmec from nearby La Venta are considered the "Mother Culture" of Mexico.