Thursday, January 21, 2010

Laying Back!

It is easy to relax in this laid back atmosphere. The weather is perfect, 83 right now at 10:30AM with a slight breeze off the Caribbean. Perfect hammock weather if only I had a hammock!

I just called Brooks and Linda and all is well with them. They have a big deck job to fill in time until they can get back to their huge fencing job that is on hold because of Victoria's rain. Their (and our) newish truck is getting a new transmission installed and the profits from the deck job will pay for it. All is well at the Bank of Dad!

I called my sister in Kitchener, Ontario and she is recovering very well from some surgery. She is sounding like her old self again after a long time and she is out walking again. Good as new! So we have only ourselves to worry about and we are great!

We are going to take a drive in the car to Xcalac on the Costa Maya with our Dutch friends tomorrow. It is about an hour and a half drive each way and has a very interesting writeup in the Lonely Planet guide. We will investigate camping possibilities there so if the weather does not improve in Cancun by next week we might move the motorhome over there to park on the open ocean.

In the meantime, today will be a laundry and swimming day. And maybe look for a hammock.

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  1. You can boondock in town, Xcalak.
    The campground right after the bridge is pretty bad, unless they did some improvements.

    Be sure to have dinner at the Leaky Palapa Rstaurant just before you cross the bridge. Gourmet food by two Canadian ladies.

    Let me know if you find anything better, we may head that way in two weeks.