Saturday, January 9, 2010

Guanajuato Day Three

After only three hours sleep we awoke to pouring rain. What actually woke us up were loud English voices outside the door. It was two couples who had separate rooms and were using the hallway outside our door as a common area, talking and yelling back into their rooms. What inconsiderate jerks!

Norma had a nail appointment at 10:00 so I took the opportunity to try to sleep in a little. At 11:00 I walked to Starbucks to send the Blog and wait for Norma, as planned. By 12:00 she was still a no-show and the rain had stopped so I walked to the nail place where she was still being worked on. At 12:30 she was done. Two and a half hours of steady work for $350 pesos! Not bad. It would have been a $100 dollar nail job in Canada and it would not have been anywhere as good a job.


We walked back to the Jardine and went to the same restaurant we had breakfast in yesterday. It was almost 1:00 and we were sure it was too late for the breakfast menu but we forgot this is Mexico! The customer wants breakfast, the customer gets breakfast! I had the same thing I had yesterday. I think I could eat this every day for the rest of my life! It is two earthenware dishes that are heated in the oven until very hot. Butter is added and an egg is broken into each dish where it starts to fry. A mild, delicious tomato based sauce is added and cheese is grated over top. It is then broiled until the top is bubbling, the egg just barely cooked and the yolk still very soft! This is the result. Heaven on a plate!


The stuff in the middle is refried beans which come with everything in Mexico and which I never touch because they are made with tons of lard.

We finished breakfast, went back to the room for a short rest and then headed out to walk to the Alhondiga.

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