Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We Leave Tomorrow!

Tomorrow we leave Chetumal and head up the Caribbean Coast towards Cancun where the weather is supposed to be great. We are going to attempt to avoid the over-Gringoized Paa Mul RV park and look into another park at Xpu-Ha ("Shpoo-Ha"). I got a comment from John yesterday telling me this park was full but we will go in for a look anyway. We might get lucky.

In any case, there is no WIFI there so it may be a couple of days before you hear from me. Keep watching as I will post when I can.

Tonight we went downtown for a final Chetumal meal of fish tacos. Delicious!


  1. Have a safe trip!

    (and I must try a fish taco one day)

  2. Croft,
    A small class C just pulled out of Xpu-Ha this morning from a shady site with sewer connection and you can run a long power line.

    I can take a picture, how long is your class C?

    No rain but very cloudy this morning.

  3. We are 31' John but we have decided to stay here one more day. I hate going through the leaving process in the rain...

  4. Not sure if you got my reply directly which included a picture.

    I think you can fit fine. There are a couple of other spots that three German RV’s were in who also just left also , those sites are larger but they are basically in the parking lot.

    Make sure you drive into La Playa, it’s the second drive off the highway. The first one says camping but goes into Bonanza. The second one just has a La Playa restaurant sign and they may stop you at road, tell them you are camping for a while.
    When you go past the trash in the parking lot, stop there and walk behind the big 5th wheel on your left down the narrow road to our camp. The available spot is next to that fifth wheel but you will need to drive into where we are and then back into the site.