Saturday, January 9, 2010

Friday Night

After a short rest we headed out to dinner at a place that was highly recommended in the local restaurant guide. Norma had pork leg and I ordered the tuna, which they did not have. My other options were salmon which I knew would be farmed so that was out so I settled for seafood pasta which was too expensive for the quality and quantity. The wine by the glass however, was reasonable and the glass was filled to the top.

As we were eating a group of two adults and eleven early twenties youths came in and sat at a table right beside us. They were missionaries here to “save” the Mexican people as if the poor Mexicans had not had enough religion crammed down their throats throughout their history, usually on the tip of a sword or with the tortures of the Inquisition. This was not a cheap restaurant and they were told by the adults to each write a note of thanks to the benefactor who was paying for their dinner, probably on the hope of a free ticket to Heaven. Again, the “Lord Provides”, this time at an upscale restaurant in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It must be nice.

Can you tell I only had about six hours sleep in the last two nights??

After dinner we again found a table in a sidewalk cafe on the Jardine and Norma ordered a liqueur while I fetched coffee from Starbucks. It is Friday night and the Jardine is packed with young people, groups of ten or twelve boys meeting similar groups of girls where hugs and kisses are exchanged all around before moving on to meet the next group. It all seems rather orchestrated, following a time proven pattern. They were all polite and well behaved and only once when two large groups of boys met in front for a discussion did all the waiters and bartenders rush to the front to protect the tables and patrons if any pushing or shoving developed. Nothing happened and after a brief exchange of words, the groups went their separate ways, their turf having been firmly established. Another night on the Jardine!

Tomorrow we check out and head back to SMA. It is rather confusing to find our way through the maze of tunnels back to the shortcut to SMA but I am sure we will find it.

Speaking of the tunnels, here they are:



These are the same tunnels as we accidently drove the motorhome into two years ago! I think you can see the problem with that… Wish me luck finding my way out tomorrow!

EDIT: We are safe and sound back in SMA! We found the road and Les' shortcut. It has rained quite a bit here in SMA, enough to make Happy Hour impossible so we will be catching up with all our friends tonight.

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