Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Plans Are Made To Be Changed

We awoke to rain this morning. We only have ourselves to blame after having the rig washed yesterday but in any case, it is raining. At least it was raining when we decided to delay our departure for a day and Norma went over with $300 pesos for another night. It has stopped now and it actually looks like the sun might be coming out!

No problem, we are ahead of schedule and another day in the new hamaca with my book will not hurt. Tonight we will head back to our new favorite restaurant for more $16 peso fish tacos, and maybe try a camerone cocktail with them.

I did not sleep well last night in any case as I developed a severe toothache! I have a huge gold bridge back there and had fears of needing a root canal on one of the anchor teeth. I overdosed on extra strength Tylenol and finally got to sleep and when I woke up - no toothache! It may have simply been nuralgia and that may be the end of it. If it was a physical problem with the tooth, I would not have expected it to leave on it's own. We have given up our high cost / low benefit dental plan in Canada so I hope whatever has to be done will show itself here in Mexico where a competent dentist can be found and I will not have to mortgage the house to pay him.

The bad news is the owner just came over to tell us our space, and all the waterfront spaces, is reserved for tonight by a caravan and we will have to move to the other side of the park. Once again we are being pushed around by a caravan! We will do it because we desperately need to dump anyway and the owner offered us a free night for our inconvenience. I just hope I can find the satellite signal again. It is much easier to lay around a watch TV when we actually have TV...

Well, three hours later and we have dumped, have a StarChoice signal and have a WIFI signal. We may have to stay another night to recover...


  1. Kevin went and had work done on his teeth in Chetamul last year. Kathe gave us his name and address when we were there. Kevin has been happy with his teeth since. Much cheaper that Canada.

  2. Great read. Sorry to hear it rained on you. Seems like it always happens - washing your automobile & it rains a day or two later. And yes, it's always easier to lay around when you have a TV in front of you.

  3. Hi Croft,
    Can't believe you had to move for one night for a caravan!!!I have never heard that before, but at least you got a free night out of it!

    love CPJ

  4. A free night is a good thing. Too bad you are losing your premium spot though.

    Keep an eye on that tooth, you never know when it might come back to bite you in the butt and you are in the middle of nowhere.

    BTW, oh those Dutchmen, they'll hang out with anybody!