Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Hamaca

We found a hamaca (hammock) salesman on the street near the market. He had a few samples on a fridge dolly and his asking prices were reasonable, much better than the $85 USA asked in Majahual a few days ago. We wanted a larger one than he had displayed and in a darker colour. Claudia insisted I buy a more “masculine” colour. The Mayan salesman took us to his storage area where he had hundreds of hammocks stacked against the wall. We picked out a brown, synthetic fibre “matrimonial” size and asked the price. The salesman pulled out a calculator and entered $485 pesos. We countered with a ridiculously low $250 and we settled on $350. A very good deal for a good quality product at far less than half what they demanded for a smaller, inferior product the other day! Cruise ship passengers beware, you are not getting a fair price. The colour on this one even matches the brown on the motorhome. Life is Good!


I love dealing and bargaining with the Mayan People! They always have a big, infectious smile on their face and they never take offense at a low bid. They always get their bottom line price while making sure you walk away feeling you got the best possible deal. Everyone wins! I love the Mayan People!


  1. I think it's more like Hamaca or double M .... but they are nice. Mine fell apart with sun exposure and lids use

  2. You are right el jubilado. I must be more careful and use Google Translate when I am unsure. Thanks

  3. Looks like someone found another excuse for not doing anything. ;-)