Friday, January 8, 2010

Thursday Night in Gto

After a brief rest we headed out for our favourite restaurant in Guanajuato, the El Gallo Pitagorico. We went there the last time we were in Gto in 2008 and loved the food even though the restaurant is situated at the top of a strenuous number of stairs. The climb was not so bad this time because after our month in SMA, we are getting acclimated to the 6,500 foot altitude. Norma had a steak and I had pescado in a delicious dark green sauce made from a long list of ingredients (just don’t spill any on your white shirt). We finished off with a shared flan.

restaurant sign

restaurant interior

The view from our table:

restaurant view

After the much easier walk back down, Norma captured an outside table at one of the restaurants on the Jardine de Union and ordered two Mexican liquors while I stood in line at Starbucks for two cappuccinos to go. Restaurants on the Jardine, for some reason do not sell coffee. We sat and people watched for a while until a group of four professional looking young men hired a large mariachi band. They must have hired them for the night because they played steady for over an hour and were still playing when we left. We imagined they were lawyers spending some client’s pesos.

This was just part of the group. There were eight of them in total and they were very good.


On the way back to our hotel we passed the steps of the Teatro Juarez where university students gather to watch the goings on in the Jardine:


We are now spending another night being serenaded by many mariachi bands all playing different songs at the same time. Viva Mexico!

UPDATE: The music went on at full volume until 5:30 AM and we awoke at 9:00 Friday morning to pouring rain! The only thing I really want to do today is walk the four or five blocks to the Alhondiga (Granary) where the the first major victory of the Revolution occurred. We will try to find cheap raincoats at the Milano department store.

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