Thursday, January 7, 2010

SMA to Guanajuato and Day One

We got packed and headed out in the Honda at about 10:30 Wednesday morning. We took the short cut that Les explained to me and it actually worked! There was a short piece of dirt road where a bridge was under repair but the rest was a great single lane highway 65 KM to Guanajuato.

I was glad we did not have the motorhome because the first turn I made led into a tunnel! we drove through endless tunnels following the signs to “Centro Historico” and finally I spotted a tourist guide and stopped. I told him the name of the hotel and he indicated we were right there and we should park the car and follow him up the ramp on foot. He came with us while we registered for three nights at $850 pesos ($78 CAN) per night. He and the bellhop then came back to the car with me and we carried all the luggage up. The hotel gave us a passcard for the parking lot and the tourist guy and I drove for a long way to the parking lot. Instead of getting a ticket, he used the passcard and we parked and walked back to the hotel. I don’t know if parking is included or not but I sure hope it is as the posted rate was $11 pesos per hour!

It is a typical mid-range Mexican hotel. The room has two small beds and a tiled shower. It is about 10 X 14 and has no heat and it is quite chilly here. We asked for and got extra blankets so we should be fine. The nice part is that we are right on the Jardine! All the restaurants and strolling mariachi bands are right under our window!

hotel hall

hotel room 1

hotel room 2

We had dinner on a balcony of the hotel’s second floor restaurant. Norma had rib eye and I had some excellent grilled tuna! It was very nicely done – rare with a spinach-almond sauce and a big salad. We had a glass of wine each, shared the salad, shared a desert, had a cup of coffee each and the bill was $620 pesos. Not cheap but a great meal for the money. Tomorrow we will be a little more frugal.

While we were eating Norma made eye contact with a shawl salesman across the street. He had a beautiful long wool cape he held up for her. She shook her head but he persisted, holding up four fingers for $400 pesos ($36), not a bad deal. She countered with three fingers and they settled for $350. This was all done with sign language! He put it in a bag and I walked down with the cash and we met in the lobby. Transaction completed! Everyone is happy.


We walked around the Jardine for an hour and then sat at a sidewalk cafe for a nightcap and to people watch. We are now back in the room being serenaded by Mexican music from the restaurant – bar across the street. It has been a fine day!

Beer delivery:

beer delivery

ATM Guard. No wonder there is very little property crime in Mexico! Check out the gun!

atm guard

Norma did a little shopping. $399 peso leather boots. Perfect fit!

boot buying

Cars are banned from the downtown streets but cowboys seem to be fine. “My heroes have always been cowboys!”


Night time on the Jardine with great music in the background!


Comment on the bed: The bed felt like a sheet of plywood with a thin mattress on top. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a sheet of plywood with a thin mattress on top. No wonder Mexicans have straight backs! It was fine when I got used to it and I fell asleep after the music stopped at about 3:00. I love Mexico! Really, I do!


  1. Try Las Mercedes, you can't go wrong. We were just there, and it's as close to heaven as you will ever get.

  2. Mexico should make you ambassador to their country! I can't wait to try the RVing life down there.