Monday, January 11, 2010

Leaving San Miguel

Today we are leaving San Miguel de Allende. It has been over a month and I am ready to move on. Terrie,Nancy, PJ, Claudia, Les and Norma and I went out for a farewell dinner last night. It was a great time with great friends. Leaving is sad but we will all see each other again as Mexico is really a small country.

We got up at eight this morning to find PJ and Claudia already gone. They are headed for the Emerald Coast and then the Yucatan before finding their way back to The USA and a flight back home to the Netherlands. They have been on the road for twelve years and this will be their first long visit back home in all that time.

Terrie and Nancy from Nova Scotia will be here for a while as Terrie is taking a sculpting course at the Art Institute. After that they will be heading for the West Coast.

Les will be here visiting his sponsored girls until March when Sara will be joining him in Puerto Vallarta for the drive home to Nanaimo.

We are heading for Puebla via the newly opened Arco Norte bypass of Mexico City. This highway is owned by Carlos Slim, the Mexican cell phone billionaire and will not be a cheap drive. It will however avoid the traffic nightmare of the D.F. and/or the confusing old route around the Capital. We will spend a couple of nights in Puebla so I can visit the Pyramid there. It is the worlds largest man made structure and I am looking forward to my visit. The adventure Continues!

Les, Nancy, Terrie, Claudia, P.J. and Norma:

group with les

Same photo with Croft:

group with croft

Claudia and PJ:

claudia and pj

Terrie and Nancy:

terrie and nancy

Les’s “Weathered Face” (inside joke!)


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  1. My weathered face for the last ten days is from frost and cold NOT SUN!!!!! Enjoy your travels and be safe and the only advice I can give you is to stay away from any TUNNELS!!!! Cheers Les