Tuesday, November 2, 2010

52nd Anniversary

It is the 52nd anniversary of Castro's Revolution!

It was not long after this historic victory that I, with a couple of friends, tried to phone Fidel from Vancouver, BC. Amazingly, we actually got as far as his personal offices and someone answered in what was the middle of the night in Cuba!. He was very nice but explained that he could not put our call through. "Mr. Castro is a very busy man and needs his sleep. However, if you leave your names I will make sure he gets your message of congratulations in the morning".

It was some very good Cuban rum we were drinking that night that inspired that phone call.
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  1. You were what, 14 years old 52 years ago?? How much Rum were you drinking?

  2. It was a few years after he took over. I was probably 17 or 18... Man, I am getting old!

  3. Oh, you mean back when the legal age was 21.... I think we both had a slightly mis-spent youth....and yes you are getting old. Me too I guess!