Saturday, November 27, 2010

Heading Out Tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will head out towards Brownsville, TX. We will avoid the Interstates and travel on Highway 90 from Van Horn to Del Rio and then Hwy 277 to Carrizo Springs and Hwy 83 all the way to Brownsville. This will get us very near the Big Bend area of Texas and should provide some good scenery. It will take two or three days and we will be “Walmarting” at nights. Our route will be almost a straight line between the two pushpins on the map. It is unlikely we will have Internet tomorrow night. There is a huge Virgin Broadband "dead zone" for the first half of the trip. I will be experiencing "Internet Withdrawal"!
Map picture


  1. Be real careful about keeping the gas tank filled; that's lonesome territory! Of course these days you would probably get picked up by the Border Patrol pretty quickly.

  2. Good advice Don. I limped into the first gas station running on fumes! I will keep it full from now on.