Sunday, November 14, 2010

Secret Credit card Code For USA Gas Stations

I know all Canadian travelers in the USA have faced the frustration of having to deal with gas stations and the dreaded "Enter Your ZIP Code" display. This lets the pump confirm that you are the owner of the credit card by comparing this code to your billing address. The problem is, Canadians do not have a ZIP code. We have a Postal Code in a different format. Sometimes I made up a code and sometimes it worked but most times, not. My favorite was 90210.

I asked my credit card company how to get around this and was told to use the digits in my Postal Code and add two zeros. I tried it this year and it has worked every time!

For instance, my Postal Code is: V9W 1B6 (made up, thanks to John). Therefore my code is: 91600. It works!


  1. I like how security conscious you are Croft - now all I need is the card ;-)

  2. All my friends are honest John. Besides, I may have made up that number ;-)

  3. I don't think you made it up Croft. You could have thousands of readers you do not know. But, probably not a problem amigo.