Thursday, November 18, 2010

WIFI Boosters

Tom has asked me a question about my WIFI booster. He has bought a different type from RadioLabs and is wondering about the differences.

The one Tom bought is the same as our Dutch friends have mounted on the roof of their camper. It is an "Omni Directional" antenna and is a very good unit. An omni gathers signals from every direction and boosts those signals. It is a very quick way to scan and determine if you have a strong enough signal to use.

Mine, a Hawking unit is a "Yagi" or directional antenna. You must point it at the source of the signal you want to pick up. Once you scan in a circle with mine and find the signal you want, it will actually boost that signal more than Tom's Omni. In short, mine eventually gets a better signal but Tom's is faster (easier) to set up. His requires a hole in the roof and a permanent mount while mine simply points out the window. They both plug into a USB port on the computer.

They are different technologies but both get you to where you want to go.

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  1. Bought a Hawking Dish after recommendations from you and Tioga George and have never regretted the decision. Have used it many times on recent trips with great success, while neighbors take their laptops and trudge over to the office to access the signal.