Friday, November 5, 2010

Hitting The Road

Aside from all this preoccupation with Cuba, we are getting ready to head South. We will be leaving here Saturday morning for Victoria where we will park overnight in the Blackball Ferry lineup. Brooks has made dinner reservations for Saturday night where we will join Linda's parents. Our plans are very loose this year. If the weather is good we may head down the Oregon coast.

The other good news for us Canadians is the dollar just hit par this morning. My "Loonie" is finally worth a "Greenback"!


  1. Actually, I needed to send someone money in Canada yesterday and the dollar was only worth 98 loonie cents. Way to go!

    We spent the night in the ferry line in Victoria one time, it was fabulous. It was like a party with people playing music and eating. I loved it!

    Have a good trip.

  2. What is your winter destination? We will be hitting the road around Dec 20th.

  3. Yuma and Algodones for new glasses and then probably east to TX, LA and FL. Keep in touch and we will meet up somewhere. I have to get you onto a better quality Vodka!