Tuesday, November 9, 2010


We had snow while driving today! It started in Weed, CA and lasted off and on for a hundred miles or so. We are about two weeks late getting through these mountains and this is what happens. It wasn’t bad, we just had to drive carefully and keep the speed down. It never snowed hard enough to accumulate on the highway but the windshield wipers were packing quite a load of it.


  1. Those mountains are my wife's least favorite part of I-5. She has seen semi's get sideways going down the mountain.

  2. We had a house at the top od the Siskiyous for a number of years - just before dropping into Weed (the town). The city was Ashland - nice really. I DO NOT miss those winters up there.

  3. You have really gotten around John! Are there any States you have NOT lived in?