Sunday, November 28, 2010

Alpine, Texas

We are in an RV park tonight. We did not plan it that way but there is no Walmart here and no friendly looking boondocking spot. We looked in the book and found a park that only charged $14 per night and as we only needed a place to sleep, we went there. From the gate it looked full and the office did not seem to be open. We thought we would take a drive around the park to see if there was an open space. As we suspected, the park was full and to top it off, there was NO TURNAROUND! This has to be the only RV park in North America with no turnaround!

I backed the car off the dolly, unhooked the dolly, turned around, hooked the dolly back on and drove the Honda onto the dolly. Simple, right? NO! I drove the car a little too far onto the dolly and the front wheels dropped off the front of the dolly and spun in the air! BIG PROBLEM!

We stood there looking at it and one of the RV’ers in the park came out to see what was going on. He was from Ontario and was working for the local University. He had a scissor jack and some blocks and I had some blocks. We jacked up one side of the Honda and put blocks under the wheel then repeated the process with the other side. This brought the wheels almost even with the dolly. I got in and backed the Honda onto the dolly. Problem solved and no damage done to the Honda or the dolly! We offered him some beer or a bottle of wine but he does not drink and would take nothing for all his efforts.

We then headed over to the local five star RV Park called The Lost Alaskan as I needed a hot shower. It was $29 with my 10% Good Sam discount and I headed over for a nice, long, hot shower. Things will get better, I am sure. Life is still good!
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  1. Yikes! Another reason I to tow four down! Good thing someone was able to help and that there were no damages!

  2. Ouch - We have been in that backup mess up before too. Hard to believe they don't have a drive thru.

  3. Hi Croft:

    Eric says the next time you come to Terrace he'll weld a stop on the dolly so you can't drive off it. He says he's got lots of steel left over from the old CO's. Deal!

  4. Oh my! That sounds like a real mess. You must have been beside yourselves. Good work getting out of it though.

  5. Kathy, see you in Terrace, mi amiga!