Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mexico Lite

We walked over the border to Algodones yesterday to get new glasses. We went to Algodones Optical even though we had been warned they had raised their prices. We have bought several pair there over the years and have always had great service and quality from them.

I had a prescription from my Doctor at home but Norma had to get a free exam. We picked out new frames and paid the bill. Mine were $215 and Norma paid $350 for two pair, all with designer frames. I ordered Transition lenses after the dire warning from my eye Doctor about the irreversible sun damage that I have suffered. We could have waited for them but we had an engagement back at the RV park at 3:30 so we will have to go back for them on Wednesday.

I also stopped at Mary's Pharmacy to check the price of my eye drops. In Canada they cost $40 per month and last winter in Mexico they were under $20 per month for the name brand, Xalatan. Mary's in Algodones had a generic product for about $10 per month so I bought a year's worth.

The trip over reminded me of how much I miss Mexico! We stopped for lunch at a restaurant and I ordered in Spanish, much to the surprise of the waiter who had to ask me to repeat my order. Algodones can hardly be considered "Real Mexico" but was enough to make me re-think our decision (again). We will still carry on though, leaving for Texas on Friday. The seafood restaurants on the Gulf Coast will make me feel better!


  1. C'mon down! As you know, once you get past the border towns life is good here.

    Andrew & Dave in Guadalajara

  2. When you are ready, you have traveling companions. We will be in the U.S. after December 22nd. I hope we see each other. Juan wants to dance with Norma.