Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Shopping Texas Style

We went and did all our Christmas shopping today at a Tony Lama Factory Outlet. Brooks and Linda hinted they wanted cowboy boots and Tony Lama had a great sale on. The boots are already a bargain in the factory outlet and for Black Friday they had an even better deal where you buy one pair and get a second pair for 40% off! The store was full of actual cowboys so it must be a good deal.

Linda got Tony Lama "Dark Brown Vintage Full Quill Ostrich Boots" (photo) and a pair of Tony Lama steel toed work boots that are fancy enough to go dancing in. Watch out for that steel toe Brooks! Brooks got a pair of "Cowboy cool mint green topped" Justin cowboy boots (photo). Norma, never one to be left out, got two spiffy pair of cowboy boots as well, one expensive and one more reasonable. When we got home and looked at the receipt we realized we had bought five pair and could get one more pair for 40% off. We are going back tomorrow to get a pair for me if I can find a pair to fit over my old broken ankle without having to buy "right size 13 and left size 15, por favor". Shopping done! My New Year's Resolution is starting now and it is to spend less than I earn!

I hate shopping at the best of times and add to that the crowds of "Black Friday" and I am in stress overload! We had to stop at JC Penny on the way home to pick up a queen size down quilt for the motorhome that was on sale for $49, about $100 cheaper than it would be in Canada where geese actually come from. We then stopped at a kitchen outlet store and bought a heavy egg poacher for $19 that is very similar to one that Brooks bought for himself in Canada for much more! Santa must winter in El Paso. Life is good and I am truly sorry I tried to run you down today Santa!
Brooks BootsLinda Boots

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  1. You will be styling now cowboy! Very nice. I can not wear the damn things myself - not happy feet pinned inside any of those beauties.